Will my dog get fat if I have him neutered?
This is a very common misconception. Just because you have your dog spayed or
neutered does not necessarily mean that he or she will get fat. When a dog is spayed or
neutered they will lost the desire to want to roam and will therefore lose the desire to
exercise themselves in this way. As a pet owner, you must ensure that your pet is getting
proper exercise as well as a balanced diet. On occasion spaying/neutering a pet will
cause a drop in metabolism, therefore making him/her process its food differently. You
may need to cut back on the food that your pet is eating slightly. Some pets' appetites
may not alter but if they do, you must be aware of it.
I want a female because males mark their territory.
Females will mark their territory as much as males will.
Getting your pet spayed/neutered will decrease its desire
to do this. If a male is neutered before it learns to lift its leg
to urinate (typically around 6 months of age), chances are
it will never lift it as an adult.
I have children and I have heard that a female is
better than a male, is this true?
This is another misconception.
Females are not necessarily better than males in this type of a situation. The best thing to
do in a situation where you have children is to leave the option of male vs. female open
until the temperament testing is complete.
I am not sure that I want to have my puppy spayed or neutered,
I may want to have a litter when he/she gets older.
Raising a litter can be a very exciting thing to experience. It can also be alot of very hard
work. We have a strict screening process for all of the dogs that we use for breeding. Our
dogs are put through various temperament and health screenings before we consider
breeding them. The cost to breed, whelp a litter, and raise the puppies can be expensive
and very rarely will a profit be made. We do not breed our dogs to make a profit, only to
make an impact on the Border Collie and Performance worlds. There are also health
benefits to having your new puppy spayed/neutered. A female being spayed before her
heat cycle greatly reduces chances of things like mammary tumors and a male being
neutered greatly reduces chances of health issues such as testicular and prostate
problems. And of course, your dog will be a much better pet and housemate when
spayed/neutered. And a loved housepet and best friend is the number one priority for us
here. We want to know that above all, our puppies will be someone's new best friend.